Over the past 15 years, AB Derivatives Advisors’ legal specialists have advised a broad range of buy side clients based around the world on counterparty documentation, compliance infrastructure and relevant regulation affecting trading and investment activities.  We have unparalleled experience and in-depth understanding of the current issues that affect our clients.

Types of agreements which we can advise on include:
  • Broker terms and conditions for execution services and “battle of the forms” letters

  • 1992 and 2002 ISDA Master Agreements with credit support documentation (Credit Support Annexes, Credit Support Deeds and bespoke collateral agreements)

  • Equity derivatives/CFDs and master confirmations, all types of total return swaps (including relating to indices, baskets of loans, bonds etc)

  • Prime Brokerage Agreements (including equity prime brokerage, synthetic prime brokerage and FX prime brokerage)

  • Custodial arrangements for funds established in the EU requiring a primary custodian and ‘depositary’ arrangements under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFM Directive)

  • Margin/financing lock-up agreements

  • Master Repurchase Agreements, Global Master Repurchase Agreements and Securities Lending Agreements (including Global Master Securities Lending Agreements)

  • Exchange-traded derivatives (futures and options) clearing agreements

  • Secondary debt trading and loan participation agreements

  • Cross-margining agreements and master netting agreements

  • Segregated collateral account documentation (including using triparty collateral agents) in both cleared and uncleared markets

  • Give-up or ‘intermediation’ agreements for CDS and FX transactions

  • UCITS compliant derivatives and collateral documentation

  • Electronic access/direct market access agreements

  • Contractual and regulatory aspects of broker execution services

  • Master confirmations for FX and OTC derivatives and structured or bespoke derivatives transactions

  • Clearing models for OTC derivatives and the operation of the ISDA/FOA Client Cleared OTC Derivatives Addendum

  • Various other ancillary documentation, ranging from confidentiality agreements to trading advisory agreements


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